What are Slipsters®

What are Slipsters® and why do you need them?  In short CHUB RUB! Yes, we said it, CHUB RUB! The condition that afflicts so many people of all shapes and sizes.  No one talks about it, we simply suffer through it and pretend that we are totally fine in our cute summer dress with our inner thighs rubbing together until they are raw!  OUCH!

We the founders of Chantilly Bird, Laura Bird & Cynthia Nielsen were tired of this struggle.  We wanted to be free to wear what we want without the discomfort.  We decided that we needed to find a solution.  We started by going on an extensive search for a product that would help us in this department.  All we could find were those amazing control shorts (you know the ones, yes we love them too!).  But we wanted something for the days that we didn’t want to have all our lady parts squeeze together.  Plus on those hot days of summer, man do they make you sweat!  We wanted something breathable, comfortable and sexy.  To our dismay we could not find what we were looking for.  The best we could do was wear men’s boxer briefs.  But they didn’t fit right, and they did NOT look sexy.

The positive to this failed mission? Chantilly Bird was born!  We decided that if we could not find what we were looking for we would create them ourselves and share them with our fellow womenkind!  Our first baby was our amazing Slipsters® bottoms.  These are so yummy!  Made from buttery soft Micro Modal and scrumptious stretch lace you will feel free to fly! When wearing Slipsters® you can walk, dance, move about all day in comfort and style without any chub rub!  Slipsters® also come in handy when you are wearing that cute dress while chasing your child around the playground, trotting up the subway stairs, or for ensuring you don’t show it all off when a gust of wind comes into town (a la Marylin Monroe).  

Also do you come home from a long day and change into something comfy?  We do! Well if you are wearing Slipsters® there’s no need to change.  Just simply strip down to your Slipsters®.  They have enough coverage to answer the door to sign for your package, and just enough ooh la la to make your partner purr.  

All of our products are designed in NYC and manufactured in the USA. Soon Chantilly Bird will be offering Slipsters® tops, tunics and much much morel.  All sexy, All comfy!

OK, you know you want a pair, go ahead! Make sure you tell your friends about them, too.  We rely on our amazing customers to spread the word.  Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Follow us for new product releases, discounts and customer loyalty points.  We also want our customers to share their stories, photos and more.

Feel Free to Fly!

Slipsters® are women's boxer boxer briefs. They are your must have underwear for the summer! They are not shapers, so they don't squeeze your lady bits or make you sweat! Protect against inner thigh friction with style. Feminine - Sexy - Stylish. Feel Free to Fly with Slipsters®!

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