What makes Chantilly Bird special?

The creation of Chantilly Bird and Slipsters® came from our hearts. The goal was to create sexy underwear that gives you the comfort you need in the breathable fabric you want, all with a lux look. Slipsters® protect from chafing without the squeeze of a shaper. We wanted an alternative to the shaper, from that Slipsters® were born.

Chantilly Bird is a women owned design company. At Chantilly Bird we believe in empowering women. We want women to be free to do whatever inspires them. Whether it’s conquering the corporate structure, putting the capital P in the PTA, or simply relaxing and feeling fabulous. We believe that women are the driving force in our society and we want to do our part to help that movement flourish. With Slipsters® women will feel confident and comfortable during all of their endeavors.

Launching Chantilly Bird is just the start. Hopefully, not to far down the road, we will be able to share our success with organizations that help empower women. So, stay tuned for more on that.

Are Slipsters® made in America?

YES! Chantilly Bird is based in New York City, so all the design magic happens here. The majority of our materials are made in the USA and we manufacture our garments at a North American company owned by women. We want to support the revival of garment manufacturing in the USA, and we have worked tirelessly cultivate local relationships.

What’s different about Slipsters®?

Slipsters® aren’t just another pair of underwear or boy shorts, they’re a combination of a hipster panty and a slip!

With Slipsters® chub rub is a thing of the past. Are there other products out there that might serve a similar purpose? Yes there are. But, we found that those options are not attractive or comfortable. Most of them should stay safely hidden at the bottom of the panty drawer.

Then, there are the shapers, we all love them for certain occasions: who doesn’t? But, you don’t want your lady bits squeezed to death on a daily basis. Plus, shapers tend to be made with materials that aren’t particularly breathable, so on hot summer days, well let’s just say, it isn’t pretty.

Slipsters® can even be a part of your look. Maybe they’re peaking out from under a cute skirt or shorts, or saving you when you wear that sundress that tends to have Marylin Monroe moments. And, after a long day, you can strip away your outer layer of clothes and hang out in your Slipsters®. Yes, they are that CUTE! They have just enough coverage to answer the door for a package delivery, and are so comfy, you’ll want to hang out and watch a movie in them.

Slipsters® were born because we, the founders of Chantilly Bird, needed and wanted them! We hope you enjoy them as much as we do and we can’t wait to continue to roll out more designs that you can wear along with your fabulous Slipsters®!


Slipsters® are women's boxer boxer briefs. They are your must have underwear for the summer! They are not shapers, so they don't squeeze your lady bits or make you sweat! Protect against inner thigh friction with style. Feminine - Sexy - Stylish. Feel Free to Fly with Slipsters®!

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